Star Cross Stitched Lovers & Cassiopeia Crowns

We create handmade cross stitch and embroidery pieces, and crystal crowns and jewellery. Our goal is to create unique and thoughtful items to decorate, give as a gift, or simply gift to yourself.

Our stitches come in many forms including hoops, frames, textiles and cards, and can be personalised to suit each individual.

We use high quality materials and always make every piece 100% by hand in Liverpool, right through from designing our own patterns to hand stitching every thread. We take time to create a personalised and unique product and always go out of our way to offer the best service.

No two pieces are exactly alike; styles are kept simple and we are inspired by many things including quotes, nature, astronomy, crystals and popular culture. Our most popular pieces sold at markets include our notebook quote hoops, crystal embroideries and astronomy pieces.

We take inspiration from different genres and subjects so that we can offer a wide variety of pieces and something for everyone. We also love to make custom pieces, including family portraits and personalised quotes.

One of our most popular items is the ‘Custom Wedding Portrait’, ordered to be completely personalised and unique to you. ‘Custom Family Portraits’ are also a best seller and we have been commissioned to make these for many different occasions and with unique features every time.

Jewellery wise, we use aura quartz crystals to create rings, earrings, hair jewellery and crowns. These can be purchased ready made and we also take custom orders.