Scry Alchemy

Scry Alchemy 1

We are Scry Alchemy. We curate 100% natural aromatherapy intention and manifestation coconut wax and essential oil candles, atmosphere mists, diffusers, hand soaps, lotions and energy cleaning apothecary.

We use only Earth sourced eco coconut wax and plant-based hand blended essential oils, no additives, no nasty. We are vegan, cruelty free and we ethically source using recyclable or reusable amber jars, recycled labels and eco packaging. For each order placed we plant a tree in an area of deforestation across the World.

Our collection consists of eleven perfectly synergised blends, harnessing the plant-based power to banish, bring, release and restore. Cast, Nyx, Sunday, Selene, Eos, Eden, North, Santa Ana, Halo, Home Fires and Twelve.

Let the blend find you.



Scry Alchemy 1