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I’m Lucy, the creative behind Hey Kiddo Co. and I specialise in crafting design objects that are intended to last. I’ve had it with fast fashion and fast homewares. I believe that the furnishings we decorate our homes with should be high quality and endure in both their strength and their style.‚Äč

Each item is handcrafted, designed, sanded and sealed in a home studio in South Liverpool. Hey Kiddo Co. was born out of a passion for creation physical media and exploring different surface designs and patterns.

Sustainability is core to my production processes.

As a responsible creative, I designed and built my own water filter to clean any microplastics from my waste water, reusing the same water again as part of a closed-loop water system. I upcycle any waste or broken material, purchase mostly second-hand equipment and package all of my products in made-from and fully recyclable packaging.

I explore the relationship between colour and mood, designing products which bring joy and colour to your spaces

Each piece starts as a 3D print, which I design myself, mould in silicone and then cast in Jesmonite. I hand-pigment each individual piece, then sand away the layers of Jesmonite to reveal the colourful terrazzo patterns beneath the surface.

Sustainable, slow crafted colourful terrazzo home accessories and stationery.

Your style doesn’t have to cost the earth.



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