Cheshire Candle Company

Just imagine, pleasure without the guilt… a treat without the justification or gift a gift that just keeps on giving, that’s what we do so well here at Cheshire Candle Company Ltd.

We pride ourselves on producing Luxury standard home fragrance direct to you at an affordable price.

Here are a couple of reasons you should choose a Cheshire Candle Company product…

* All our products are ‘small batch’ produced
* Handmade and hand finished
* Love and care goes into EVERY product we make
* We know our stuff having been in business since 2014
* We use only the highest quality ingredients
* Our Candles don’t tunnel
* They don’t soot
* The scent lasts and lasts
* Our inspired scent actually smells like the inspiration
* And we don’t inflate our prices
* But above all, WE CARE

What is there to lose?

And finally, I must say, each purchase is appreciated too. Supporting small artisan business owners and their families gives everyone involved a better feeling…