Alison Appleton Ltd

Alison Appleton believes a good cup of tea is something to take time over. Creating and selling a wide range of loose leaf teas – with many seasonal blends to choose from – and beautifully functional teapots, why would you go anywhere else?

Since establishing her British Ceramic Design Studio in 1998, from which she created a range of high quality tea and coffee products sold in John Lewis, Harrods, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Zara Home and Marks & Spencer, Appleton has put her fellow tea lovers at the heart of the design process. She believes that good tea and tea-ware should be a gift, either to oneself or to others – a belief that shows through her elegant products and gorgeous packaging. On sale, she will have a large collection of one-off pots, as well as her usual pieces, so her customers can enjoy fine-quality tea from the loveliest crockery there is.